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See Allegheny Petroleum for all your needs. Ask us about our:


Full line of products - To round out your product line, we can blend all grades of:

  • passenger car motor oil.

  • heavy-duty diesel engine oil.

  • automatic transmission fluid.

  • viscosity modifier.


Inventory Optimization - We'll work with you to determine what works best.


Service - From logistics to technical knowledge to problem solving.


Quantity and reliability - When we say our product meets a spec, you can count on it.


Storage Space and Inventory Simplification - By using our facility you can eliminate complexity and storage problems. Use our tanks for your product or buy the finished product directly from us.


Logistics - Often we can provide you shipping and freight advantages with our competitive freight options.


Customization - We specialize in contract blending to your specifications.


Quick Response - We can meet short deadlines and deliver where you want, when you want - in 12-48 hours.


Technical Support - Based on our relationships with base stock suppliers and additive companies we can support your application.


Industry and Market Knowledge - We can translate our years in business into ideas to help yours grow.


Base Stock Flexibility - We stock both mineral and synthetic stocks for all applications.

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