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Contract Manufacturing & Packaging

Contract Manufacturing/Toll Blending​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Allegheny Petroleum manufactures product to each customer’s specifications and particular needs:

    • Allegheny Petroleum has the capabilities to manufacture any volume up to 30,000 gallons.

    • Most bulk lubricant blending is accomplished using Pulsair blending systems.*

    • Our Ambridge, PA manufacturing plant has 4 manufacturing tanks dedicated to manufacturing Viscosity Index Improvers (VII).  These tanks are equipped with a specific block polymer grinding system, Silverson mixing systems and homogenizers for consistent blending of VIIs.

    • Allegheny Petroleum has over 2 Million gallons of bulk storage between our Angleton, Ambridge, Evanville, and Wilmerding plants for raw materials and finished fluids. This allows us to carry a variety of base oils and raw materials on hand and provide quick response to customer's needs.

    • Allegheny Petroleum has extensive testing capabilities so most required QC tests can be run in house. 

    • Once products are manufactured to the customer's needs, they can be shipped in totes, bulk transport, railcar, ISO container, or they can be sent to our packaging line and packaged into drums or pails.

*How Pulsair Works

Pulsair's technology is a "pulsed air technology" process which is the sequential release of compressed air or gas at the bottom of a tank, vessel or basin for the purpose of creating circulation and mixing. Measured amounts of high pressure air or gas are injected "pulsed" under flat round discs called accumulator plates installed on the tank bottom.


This sudden release of air shocks the liquid, setting molecules in motion. As the air "squeezes out" between the plate and tank floor, it sweeps out the heavier liquids and solids. The air then accumulates above the plate into very large, single oval shaped bubble. The bubble rises to the surface, a vacuum is created that pulls the heavier bottom liquids and solids up with it. As the bubble rises it also pushes the liquid above it up and out towards the tank perimeter. The liquid moves toward the sides of the tank and travels down the tank wall to the bottom. With no moving parts and minimal maintenance, pulsed air technology significantly reduces the need for maintenance and the associated costs and downtime.



  • Allegheny Petroleum has three packaging lines equipped to package pails and drums.

  • Allegheny Petroleum creates labels specific to each customers requirements.

  • We can also warehouse and manage customer owned inventories of finished packaged products.

  • Allegheny Petroleum can take care of the shipping for you or you can arrange your own.  We have a vast logistical infrastructure with competitive freight rates on any packaged product from pallets to railcars. We are also experienced in packing and shipping sea vans for overseas shipments.

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