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Diesel Additives
Allegheny Petroleum is a custom blender of made-to-order diesel fuel additive packages for our customers.  We inventory many components including:

Cold Flow Improvers

Cetane Improver


Lubricity Agents



Corrosion Inhibitors


Aromatic Solvents

Gasoline Additives
Additives for greater efficiency and power in Gasoline engines including:

LAC gasoline detergent packages

Top Tier gasoline detergent packages

Combustion chamber detergent packages

Corrosion inhibitors

Octane Improvers


Lubricant Additives

Custom Viscosity Improver solubilizing

PCMO additives

HDD additives

ATF additives

Gear additives

Industrial additives


Engine Oil Additives

Oil Supplements

Custom Aftermarket Additives
We also manufacture other additives for aftermarket use
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