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End Transmission Confusion With Allegheny Petroleum's New Altra SHL CVT Plus

Altra SHL CVT Plus is a high performance, fully synthetic, versatile transmission fluid for CVT and Step automatic transmissions. It is an innovative multifunctional fluid that has been extensively tested with excellent performance data in lab testing and in field trials. It provides wear performance in steel-on-steel applications and balances torque for anti-shutter performance and longer transmission life.

Altra SHL CVT Plus allows for an optimized supply chain by reducing operation costs, consolidating inventories, and reduced risk of improper fluid use. It provides the consumer with smoother shifting, better reliability, and enhanced driving comfort.

As seen over a period of 4 model years, the number of CVT and DCT transmissions has increased. This brings more complexity into the puzzle of which transmission fluid to purchase. Altra SHL CVT Plus helps bring an end to the uncertainty with one fluid. As seen with the claims, Altra SHL CVT Plus covers both Step and CVT transmissions.

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